LOGO Svetlana Ryabinova



is a member of the Union of Russian Artists and “European Union of Artists”, Head of Artistic Drawing and Painting Department of FSBEI of Higher Education “Magnitogorsk State Technical University n.a. G.I. Nosov”, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. She works in textile art field and is occupied in teaching.

Svetlana Ryabinova was born in Magnitogorsk. She spent her childhood and youth in Energetic, the village in Orenburg region. She graduated Ivanteyevskiy mechanical and technological college (Moscow region) department of Modeling and Design of Knitted Wear.

Energetic, Iriklinskoye reservoir

She had been working 4 years as a designer in Voronezh unification “Trikotazh” after graduation. But her craving for teaching took its course and in 1986 Svetlana entered Magnitogorsk State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Graphic Arts, and graduated with distinction.

In 1993 she was offered to work in her native institute at Painting Department. During 25 years of scientific and teaching work she rose from the assistant into the Head of Department.

In 1998 she entered the Union of Russian Artists. Her work with textile as a hobby became her profession. Love for textile is a cross-cutting theme of all her creativity. The artist makes experiments in material, uses various methods of its processing, implements art and graphic elements.

Svetlana is the author of the unique technique of textile art burning which she has been practicing for about 25 years. She adopted pyrography techniques to textile. Working with only pyrography tool and synthetic fabric she invented specific methods and explored huge expressive technical opportunities which made textile art burning a standalone type. She has lots of apprentices who develop the technique and implement it into educational field.

Svetlana’s works bribe with their sincerity, love for material, personality of themes, sharpness of feelings, immediacy of comprehension and expression. Her works are full of joy, motion, colors and tend to reflection.

Svetlana is an active participant of international, national and regional exhibitions. She is an award winner of such international projects as ARTWEEK (in Magnitogorsk 2015, 2017, 2018, in Moscow 2016, 2017, in Minsk 2016), “Images of Volatile Fantasies” (in Orenburg 2014 and 2016), I Triennial of Decorative Art (in Ekaterinburg 2016), “MASTERskaYA (in Blagoveshchensk 2016), etc.

Personal exhibition 2018